Introductory Courses

Our Introductory Courses provide an in-depth introduction to the philosophy and teachings of the International School of the Golden Rosycross. The Introductory Course is design to be an interactive, face-to-face exploration of the work and aims of the School, and the relevance of the gnostic philosophy and teachings of the School to the true seeker.

We offer these Introductory Courses for attendance in person periodically, as listed below. Some courses may only be available by "virtual" means, as indicated below.

Our Introductory Courses can also be offered via email and telephone, where we send you each subject of the course by email, and then meet by telephone to discuss the subject, the School and its literature, and the purpose and meaning of participation in the School in the life of the Pupils of the School.

We recommend that persons wishing to participate in an Introductory Course have an elementary awareness of the aims and teachings of the School, either from this website, or from our introductory literature available through our "Introductory Booklet".

If you are interested in attending an Introductory Course, please contact us for further information.