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Our Mission

Within every human being
lies a Universal Principle
of a new state of consciousness,
leading to a new state of life,
free from all anxiety, worry and fear.
To those who long for this new state of being,

the Golden Rosycross presents
an inner path through which truly living
in spiritual freedom, harmony and joy,
with all humankind and the entire universe,
can become a practical reality.



"Man, know yourself, and you will know the gods."

The Golden Rosycross is a contemporary Initiation School in which its pupils strive to transform their consciousness through their daily life.

To be a Rosicrucian means the union of the Real Being latent in the centre of the human heart, the Rose,
to our own life, the Cross.

The source of this knowledge is Universal Wisdom itself, manifested in all times, cultures and peoples.


The Golden Rosycross presents to seeking human beings a process through which they can find answers, and convert them into their own path of transformation.



The Symbol Circle, Triangle, Square, and Centre Point:

The point represents the universal consciousness, the Force of the Spirit.

This Force is known under many names throughout history and different traditions:
Atman, Noûs, Lotus Flower, Inner Christ, Spirit Spark, Rosebud.

It is the only possible basis for the manifestation of a new consciousness.

The equilateral triangle symbolises the new consciousness, which is formed by the balance of three new capacities: a new thinking, a new feeling and new deed.

The square indicates the transformation of all life through the new consciousness. Its four sides indicate the transmutation of the vehicles of the human personality, from the physical body to the most subtle energetic aspects.

The circle indicates the conscious and perfect reintegration of the individual on the universal plane, the realisation of the great objective of human existence.


Lao Tsu

"To return to the root is repose.

Going back to one’s destiny is to find the eternal law.

To know the eternal law is enlightenment."

Tao Te Ching 16


"Look at Tao, and you do not see it; it is called colourless.
Listen to Tao, and you do not hear it; it is called soundless.
Reach for Tao and you do not touch it; is called the immaterial."




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